Style Works (January 2019)

Each month we post updates for the best new and updated releases for themes, icons and fonts. These are typically targetted at desktop environments such as GNOME, KDE and XFCE, but also applications where applicable.

Nordic 1.52 has been released. This is a GTK 2 and GTK3 theme with a dark background, however a ‘Polar’ version is also available with lighter colours.

The Marwaita icon pack has seen another beta release with 0.8 being made available.

Two themes called ABCD and ABCDE have been published. They come with a wide range of colour options.

The 2019.01.05 release of the Tela icon theme has been published, which features flat icons in a material-like design.

The Inter UI font has been updated to version 3.2. This is a relatively small update which adds a number of lighter weightings.

Gerbera Media Server 1.3

A new release of Gerbera Media Server has been made available with the 1.3 version. The software is a UPnP media server which allows content to be served around a network, with client software being able to locate shares with minimal setup. Key changes in this release include:

  • Added support for FLAC, WAV and DSD to the default configuration.
  • Include support for classical music tags such as composer and conductor.
  • Improved support for Samsung DTV.

The project is a reboot of the MediaTomb software which has been a dead project for some time.

Kodi 18.0

The release of Kodi 18.0 has been made with the codename “Leia”. Updates to this version are numerous, with some of the key changes being:

  • Support for RetroArch and game controllers allowing games to be played through the Kodi interface.
  • Supports for Digital Rights Management software allowing access to services that require DRM modules to be present.
  • Improvements to the music library including filtering changes and enhanced artwork.
  • More supported back-ends for Live TV viewing.
  • Improved Blu-ray playback support.

Wine 4.0

Wine has a new major version release with the availability of 4.0. Alongside over six thousand individual changes, the software comes with a number of key improvements including support for game controllers, Vulkan and Direct 3D 12 support, and support for high-DPI on Android.

Mastodon 2.7.0

Mastodon, the self-hosted social media software has reached version 2.7.0. Alongside numerous bug fixes since the last release in October 2018, the software includes new features which improve the discoverability of content.

Another key improvement is the change to the moderation warning system which alerts users that their account has been suspended or disabled. Administrators can also notify users and choose actions to take against them.

For system administrators, the tool to manage Mastodon servers has also received some new commands including the ability to identify servers and receive statistic information.

Roundup (2018-01-14 – 2018-01-20)

Video conversion software Handbrake has been updated to version 1.2.0. The key change sees the switch from using libav to ffmpeg as the backend. Numerous legacy presets have also been removed while new ones have been added.

Debian-based distribution deepin has been updated to version 15.9. Notable features of this release include improved touch screen support, better power management and several desktop performance enhancements.

Inkscape 0.92.4

A new version of Inkscape has arrived with the release of 0.92.4. Although only a micro point release, a large number of changes are included. Some of the more eye-catching ones are:

  • Ability to write image data to and read image data from the standard output.
  • Align multiple objects as a group relative to a single object.
  • Improved support for printing and fix to paper sizing issues.
  • Performance improvements with the measuring tool and grids are visible.

Improvements have also been made to the Icelandic, Hungarian, Brazilian Portuguese, Romanian, and Spanish translations alongside other documentation revisions.

Also of note is the release of an alpha version for 1.0. The future release intends to migrate the application to GTK+ 3.

Baku 4.1

Baku, a bookmark manager which is independent of any browser has reached version 4.1. Alongside a command line interface for browsing bookmarks, there are a number of other key features such as auto-import from Firefox, Chrome and Chromium, and open bookmarks in a browser. Another useful function is the ability to expand or collapse URLs from the Wayback Machine cache.

With the release of 4.1, there are fixes for a few security issues and a repair to the auto-import function from Firefox.

Nanonote 1.0.1

The first release of Nanonote has recently been made available, and 1.0.1 comes soon after. The application is a Qt-based program which focuses on short-lived notes and automatically saves anything typed. A number of shortcuts for indentation are included as well as the ability to customise the font face and font size used.