Style Works (February 2019)

Each month we post updates for the best new and updated releases for themes, icons and fonts. These are typically targetted at desktop environments such as GNOME, KDE and XFCE, but also applications where applicable.

Font Inter has seen another update with the release of version 3.3. The name has been changed from Inter UI, and new and improved glyph updates have been made.

Lounge, the GTK theme has updated to version 1.14 and fixes a few small issues with XFCE and GTK. It has now also added a style for Geary.

The Libertinus font has received its first update of the year with 6.7 being released.

Wireshark 3.0.0

A new stable release of popular networking monitoring and logging tool Wireshark has been published, with the release of the 3.0.0 version. An array of changes have been made for this release such as:

  • A number of user interface improvements and changes.
  • Support for the Swedish and Ukrainian languages.
  • Re-added and modernised the IP map feature.
  • Reproducible builds are now being built.

The release also fixes a number of small bugs.

7-zip 19.00

Popular compression software 7-zip has seen the release of version 19.00. The release includes two security fixes; the first which strengthens the encryption of archives using the 7zip format, and the second improves the random number generator. A number of other bug fixes are included since the previous 18.06 release.

Roundup (2019-02-18 – 2019-02-24)

Debian has released a minor update to the current stable version with the update to 9.8. The release includes various security and bug fixes which have been identified since the 9.7 release.

Sticking with distributions, Kali has been updated to 2019.1. This latest release supports a wider number of ARM devices and updates Metasploit, alongside the other bug and security fixes, and upgrades to the core components.

Qt Design Studio 1.1

Qt Design Studio has reached version 1.1. The application provides design and development tools which allow for rapid development of user interfaces.

The release comes after 1.0 was made available last year, and adds a number of key features such as fixes for irritating error messages, add custom colours to timeline bar items, and added support for enums in metainfo files.

Also updated with this release is the documentation which now covers more widgets.

nnn 2.3

The nnn command line file manager has seen the release of version 2.3, and with it a number of notable changes. Some of the main features include the ability to abort disk usage calculations, ability to use nnn as a file picker in association with, and a version sort flag.

A user repository of scripts is now also provided, with the current list including scripts to upgrade the application, fuzzy finding of files for opening and editing, and copying a selection to the clipboard.

Geary 0.13.0

Email client Geary has reached version 0.13.0 with another major release. The update contains a wide range of bug fixes including correcting the unread email count and a reduction in background CPU usage when synchronising. Other notable features are:

  • Improvements to the pasting of rich text content.
  • Ability to delete individual messages in a conversation.
  • Flagging of possible spoofed email addresses.
  • Improved account creation and management user interface.
  • Support accounts added via GNOME Online Accounts.
  • Improvements to reporting when a login problem occurs.

Various other improvements have been made to the translations and user interface.

Roundup (2019-02-11 – 2019-02-17)

The current LTS version of Ubuntu has seen another release with the point release 18.04.2. This provides all the updates which have been made available since the 18.04 and 18.04.1 releases.

Weechat 2.4 is now available for download. The popular command line IRC client has a number of new features including the ability to run in a temporary directory, and the inclusion of several new keybindings.

Irssi 1.2.0

Terminal-based IRC client Irssi has made it to version 1.2.0. The release includes a year of changes and security updates since the previous 1.1.2 release. Some of the key changes and new features with this version are:

  • New syntax with the /statusbar command.
  • Character width can now be configured.
  • “Off-the-record” module is now included.
  • Horizontal splits have been included.
  • Support for formatting on the input line.

digiKam 6.0.0

Well known photo and video management software digiKam has reached a new major version with the release of 6.0.0. With the new release, the Qt-based software has some additional features including:

  • Full support for managing video files (as with photo files).
  • Support for decoding raw files from new cameras.
  • Ability to manually reorganise the icon view contents.
  • Import and export integration with LightTable, Image and Showfoto.
  • Export functionality to Pinterest, OneDrive and Box.

A number of other features to note are the updates to the Exiv2 library, and the reintroduction of the Time-Adjust tool which allow quick-patching of time stamps.