digiKam 6.1.0

Version 6.1.0 of digiKam has followed closely from the 6.0.0 version which was published in February. The release includes over one hundred and thirty bug fixes, alongside some new features:

  • Improvements to plugin interfaces.
  • MacOS and AppImage bundles are now published with Qt 5.11.3.
  • Add support for extra codecs XCF, FITS, and HEIC.
  • Ability to sort items by modification date.
  • New plugins to set image as wallpaper and copy to local storage.

emacs 26.2

Another release of emacs has been made available for download with the publication of version 26.2. This release including a few changes with three of the most prominent being:

  • Modules can now be built outside the tree source.
  • Full compliance with the 11.0 Unicode standard.
  • In Dired, the ‘Z’ command on a directory name compresses all of the directories contents.

A number of other fixes and features have also been made available.

DeaDBeeF 1.8.0

Music player DeaDBeeF has seen its first release in three years, with 1.8.0 being published. The previous release of 0.7.2 was updated with a vast number of changes including:

  • Add support for the opus codec.
  • Includes a ReplayGain scanner, and fixed ReplayGain in converter.
  • Now supports tracks+cue files.
  • Log window now available to show error information.
  • Fixed loading of cover art from ID3v2.2 tags.
  • Seeking error now resolved with musepack files.
  • Drag-and-drop from DeaDBeeF to other applications now supported.
  • Improved support for GTK theme colours.

A wide range of bug fixes have now also been applied with this release.

The large bump of the version number does not indicate any compatibility changes, but rather to signify that the software is no longer considered version 0 worthy.

GIMP 2.10.10

A new release of GIMP has been published with version 2.10.10 now able to be downloaded. The key improvements made in this release are as follows:

  • Line art detection in the Bucket fill tool.
  • On-canvas layer selection.
  • Faster saving/exporting and layer groups rendering.
  • A number of improvements to the transformation tools.
  • Initial DDS support now added.

The image processing engine, GEGL, has seen a number of improvements.

links 2.19

Command line web browser links has been updated to version 2.19. It features a small number of bug fixes:

  • Disable high-DPI scaling on Windows.
  • Other fonts now supported via fontconfig and freetype.
  • Certificate Authority now displayed in Document Info box.
  • International error messages now shown where appropriate.
  • Fixed crashes on entering of invalid URLs.

Style Works (March 2019)

Each month we post updates for the best new and updated releases for themes, icons and fonts. These are typically targetted at desktop environments such as GNOME, KDE and XFCE, but also applications where applicable.

The Lounge theme has been updated to version 1.15 and adds support for GNOME 3.32. It also fixes minor XFCE and GTK 3 issues.

Nordic 1.6.1 has been released with a number of fixes being made recently including the addtion of a Metacity theme.

Roundup (2019-03-25 – 2019-03-31)

GNU nano has made a new release available with 4.0 being published. The release comes with a number of bug fixes and improvements since the last release in November 2018.

A new release of GnuCash been published with 3.5 now available. This releases fixes a number of bugs around crashes and reporting.

Gentoo-based distribution Sabayon Linux has made 19.03 available. The release has been long-awaited and includes many new features alongside a new build system, Python3 being the default, and full disk encryption support.

Linux Lite 4.4 is now available and provides an iterative update from the last release. A number of bugs have now been resolved including removal of Google+ references.

Puppy Linux 8.0

The latest release of Puppy Linux has been made with 8.0 being published. The lightweight distribution is well known for its ability to be run on particularly old hardware, and is also targetted at computers for children. With this release, many of the base packages have been updated. Also included is Homebank, matching JWM, GTK 2 and GTK 3 themes, and the Compton compositor being setup as default.