digiKam 6.1.0

Version 6.1.0 of digiKam has followed closely from the 6.0.0 version which was published in February. The release includes over one hundred and thirty bug fixes, alongside some new features:

  • Improvements to plugin interfaces.
  • MacOS and AppImage bundles are now published with Qt 5.11.3.
  • Add support for extra codecs XCF, FITS, and HEIC.
  • Ability to sort items by modification date.
  • New plugins to set image as wallpaper and copy to local storage.

digiKam 6.0.0

Well known photo and video management software digiKam has reached a new major version with the release of 6.0.0. With the new release, the Qt-based software has some additional features including:

  • Full support for managing video files (as with photo files).
  • Support for decoding raw files from new cameras.
  • Ability to manually reorganise the icon view contents.
  • Import and export integration with LightTable, Image and Showfoto.
  • Export functionality to Pinterest, OneDrive and Box.

A number of other features to note are the updates to the Exiv2 library, and the reintroduction of the Time-Adjust tool which allow quick-patching of time stamps.

Gerbera Media Server 1.3

A new release of Gerbera Media Server has been made available with the 1.3 version. The software is a UPnP media server which allows content to be served around a network, with client software being able to locate shares with minimal setup. Key changes in this release include:

  • Added support for FLAC, WAV and DSD to the default configuration.
  • Include support for classical music tags such as composer and conductor.
  • Improved support for Samsung DTV.

The project is a reboot of the MediaTomb software which has been a dead project for some time.

Kodi 18.0

The release of Kodi 18.0 has been made with the codename “Leia”. Updates to this version are numerous, with some of the key changes being:

  • Support for RetroArch and game controllers allowing games to be played through the Kodi interface.
  • Supports for Digital Rights Management software allowing access to services that require DRM modules to be present.
  • Improvements to the music library including filtering changes and enhanced artwork.
  • More supported back-ends for Live TV viewing.
  • Improved Blu-ray playback support.