LibreOffice 6.2.0

A new minor version of LibreOffice has been released, and it comes with an extensive number of changes. The 6.2.0 release comes with key updates including:

  • Improved performance with documents that have track changes.
  • Improvements to copy-and-paste between Writer tables and Calc.
  • Data validation now supports custom formulae.
  • Source Serif Pro font added and updated the Liberation fonts.
  • Help file usability and performances changes.
  • Writer, Calc, Impress and Draw have complete Tabbed UI and Groupedbar Compact UI versions.
  • Standardisation of toolbar items and context menus across programs.
  • Improvements to the appearance of the icon theme.
  • Personalisation options have been made more efficient and stable.

A vast number of other minor updates have been made to the programmes that make up LibreOffice, as well as the mobile application and platform dependent changes.