nnn 2.3

The nnn command line file manager has seen the release of version 2.3, and with it a number of notable changes. Some of the main features include the ability to abort disk usage calculations, ability to use nnn as a file picker in association with picker.sh, and a version sort flag.

A user repository of scripts is now also provided, with the current list including scripts to upgrade the application, fuzzy finding of files for opening and editing, and copying a selection to the clipboard.

Wine 4.0

Wine has a new major version release with the availability of 4.0. Alongside over six thousand individual changes, the software comes with a number of key improvements including support for game controllers, Vulkan and Direct 3D 12 support, and support for high-DPI on Android.

Baku 4.1

Baku, a bookmark manager which is independent of any browser has reached version 4.1. Alongside a command line interface for browsing bookmarks, there are a number of other key features such as auto-import from Firefox, Chrome and Chromium, and open bookmarks in a browser. Another useful function is the ability to expand or collapse URLs from the Wayback Machine cache.

With the release of 4.1, there are fixes for a few security issues and a repair to the auto-import function from Firefox.

Nanonote 1.0.1

The first release of Nanonote has recently been made available, and 1.0.1 comes soon after. The application is a Qt-based program which focuses on short-lived notes and automatically saves anything typed. A number of shortcuts for indentation are included as well as the ability to customise the font face and font size used.

Syncthing 1.0.0

Peer to peer file synchronisation software Syncthing has reached the milestone of version 1.0.0. The release does not signify a breaking change from previous versions, however it is now no longer considered beta software. The few bug fixes and other issues come with some enhancements:

  • Now has the ability to limit the number of simultaneous scans performed.
  • Configured rate limits can now be viewed in the interface.
  • Show list of locally changed files for receive only folders.

nnn 2.2

Command line file manager nnn has been updated to version 2.2. Alongside some minor fixes to issues occurring on Mac OS X, the program has a number of key improvements and bug fixes including:

  • An option to disable displaying of colours.
  • The ability to run files as executables.
  • Handling of files greater than 2GB on 32-bit ARM processors.
  • Support for selection across directories.
  • Better support for Termux/Cygwin environments.

Documentation has also been added for lftp integration to facilitate remote file transfers.