Stellarium 0.19.0

A new version of Stellarium has been released, with version 0.19.0 being published. The release has four major changes since 0.18.3 was released at the back end of 2018:

  • Five new sky cultures
  • Added new DSO textures
  • Improvements to the scripting engine
  • Code refactoring and improvements

Many other small bug fixes and changes have been included, alongside other documentation improvements both to the technical manual and user guide.

Roundup (2019-03-18 – 2019-03-24)

Email client Geary 3.32 has been released. This version is notable for the change in version numbering, which has now been updated to follow the lead of the GNOME project. It includes a number of small changes including a new application icon and a “hamburger” menu to access options.

Solus 4.0 has been made available by the development team. The most notable inclusion is that of the Budgie Desktop Environment 10.5 which features improvements to notifications, sound control, and desktop customisation.

Video editing software OpenShot has seen the release of 2.4.4 this week. The release supports improved SVG rendering, updates to the installer for Windows, and support for relative file paths.

Firefox 66

Firefox has been updated to version 66, and comes with an array of feature updates and improvements. These include:

  • Websites are now prevented from automatically playing sounds.
  • Improved experience when searching for tabs and in private browsing mode.
  • Scrolling has now been made smoother.
  • Improved performance for extensions including moving extension settings to database.
  • Redesigned certificate error pages.
  • Added basic support for macOS Touch Bar.

The release also includes a variety of security fixes, and makes hiding the title bar the default on Linux to match the GNOME user interface design guidelines.

MATE Desktop Environment 1.22

The MATE Desktop Environment has seen a new release with the availability of 1.22. The release includes a large number of updates since the 1.20 release in February 2018:

  • MATE panel updated to work with Wayland with updates to the display applet, time applet, and Wanda the Fish.
  • Completion of porting a number of programs to Python 3.
  • The caja file manager can display notifications for long-running processes.
  • Tabs in pluma can now be changed via the keyboard or mouse scrolling.
  • Calculator has been updated to support fifteen characters of accuracy, along with copy and paste improvements.
  • Engrampa now supports a number of new archive formats.

KeePassXC 2.4.0

Password management application KeePassXC has reached version 2.4.0. With this release, the following changes have been made:

  • Improvements to the database creation wizard.
  • Now supports more advanced searching capabilities.
  • Inclusion of an automatic update checker.
  • Favicon fetching has now been improved.
  • Support for KeeShare database synchronisation.

The release also includes platform specific improvements to Linux and Mac OS X, alongside command line application changes.

Also included are various fixes such as:

  • Allow toolbar to hidden and repositioned.
  • Warn if deleting referenced entries.
  • High-DPI scaling for 4K screens.
  • Use existing password length as default when generating a new password.
  • Improvements to the alert message box labels.

nnn 2.4

Terminal-based file manager nnn has been released, following quickly on from 2.3 twenty-nine days ago. The release includes some important changes such as:

  • Improvements to make the application smaller and lighter.
  • Now compliant from the standard for trashing files.
  • File and folder permissions now displayed in detailed mode.
  • Copy and move progress bar now enabled on Linux.
  • Reduced number of screen redraws and improved grace when resizing.

Also included are two new scripts which facilitate uploading to Imgur, and sending a selection to Android using the kdeconnect-cli application.

Roundup (2019-03-04 – 2019-03-10)

The Windows NT-like reimplementation ReactOS has been updated to version 0.4.11. The release includes a number of kernel improvements, as well as support for upgrading an existing installation.

Zulip Server 2.0 was released earlier this week, and 2.0.1 arrived shortly afterwards to fix a number of issues which had come up. This includes a fix for installs on Ubuntu Trusty, the behaviour of branding logos when used in conjunction with dark themes, and fix an issue with directories being owned by root.

man-pages has seen its first release in almost a year with the release of version 5.00, which includes a range of improvements to pages.