KeePassXC 2.4.0

Password management application KeePassXC has reached version 2.4.0. With this release, the following changes have been made:

  • Improvements to the database creation wizard.
  • Now supports more advanced searching capabilities.
  • Inclusion of an automatic update checker.
  • Favicon fetching has now been improved.
  • Support for KeeShare database synchronisation.

The release also includes platform specific improvements to Linux and Mac OS X, alongside command line application changes.

Also included are various fixes such as:

  • Allow toolbar to hidden and repositioned.
  • Warn if deleting referenced entries.
  • High-DPI scaling for 4K screens.
  • Use existing password length as default when generating a new password.
  • Improvements to the alert message box labels.

nnn 2.4

Terminal-based file manager nnn has been released, following quickly on from 2.3 twenty-nine days ago. The release includes some important changes such as:

  • Improvements to make the application smaller and lighter.
  • Now compliant from the standard for trashing files.
  • File and folder permissions now displayed in detailed mode.
  • Copy and move progress bar now enabled on Linux.
  • Reduced number of screen redraws and improved grace when resizing.

Also included are two new scripts which facilitate uploading to Imgur, and sending a selection to Android using the kdeconnect-cli application.

Roundup (2019-03-04 – 2019-03-10)

The Windows NT-like reimplementation ReactOS has been updated to version 0.4.11. The release includes a number of kernel improvements, as well as support for upgrading an existing installation.

Zulip Server 2.0 was released earlier this week, and 2.0.1 arrived shortly afterwards to fix a number of issues which had come up. This includes a fix for installs on Ubuntu Trusty, the behaviour of branding logos when used in conjunction with dark themes, and fix an issue with directories being owned by root.

man-pages has seen its first release in almost a year with the release of version 5.00, which includes a range of improvements to pages.

Darktable 2.6.1

Image editing software Darktable has been updated to version 2.6.1. The new release includes an array of features such as enhancements to colour balance and colour contrast, import and export of presets, and the addition of a colour selector to the watermark module.

Also featured is a number of bug fixes and improved support for various cameras from Nikon, Sony and Olympus.

Zulip Server 2.0

Collaborative chat program Zulip Server has received a new major version release with version 2.0 now been available to download. The Apache-licensed software is similar to Slack and aimed at organisations with hundreds of users. With the release comes some new features such as:

  • Automated synchronisation of user avatars, enabled/disabled status and custom profile fields from LDAP and Active Directory.
  • Support for setting user as away.
  • Additional video support with Zoom now available as a provider.
  • Custom branding now able to be shown in the application window.
  • Inclusion of a built-in tool for backups.

Ubuntu Trusty support has now been discontinued with this release with the 2.1.0 release due to remove support for installing on that version.

The guest users feature is now also no longer considered experimental.

GNU Octave 5.1.0

Mathematical computation software GNU Octave has reached version 5.1.0. The release is the first in the 5.x range, and brings with it some keep features including improvements for high dpi screens and Unicode support on Windows for files and folders.

Some other key changes include improved compatibility with Matlab and removal, deprecation and legacy marking of older functions.