Roundup (2019-02-18 – 2019-02-24)

Debian has released a minor update to the current stable version with the update to 9.8. The release includes various security and bug fixes which have been identified since the 9.7 release.

Sticking with distributions, Kali has been updated to 2019.1. This latest release supports a wider number of ARM devices and updates Metasploit, alongside the other bug and security fixes, and upgrades to the core components.

Septor 2019

Septor, a new security-focused Linux distribution from Serbia has been released to the public. Building on top of Debian “Testing”, it ships with KDE Plasma as the desktop environment and features the usual standard applications such as LibreOffice, HexChat, Thunderbird, GIMP, and VLC. It also provides the latest Tor browser, file-sharing application OnionShare, and chat client Ricochet. The distribution features the ability to be run from live media or can be installed to machines, though only a 64-bit release is available.