GIMP 2.10.10

A new release of GIMP has been published with version 2.10.10 now able to be downloaded. The key improvements made in this release are as follows:

  • Line art detection in the Bucket fill tool.
  • On-canvas layer selection.
  • Faster saving/exporting and layer groups rendering.
  • A number of improvements to the transformation tools.
  • Initial DDS support now added.

The image processing engine, GEGL, has seen a number of improvements.

Flowblade 2.0

Flowblade 2.0 has reached the public with a new major version release. The video editing software project includes a number of changes to the user interface and workflows. Some of the key changes are:

  • New tools added – keyframe, multitrim, cut, and ripple trim.
  • A new custom theme has been created and made the default.
  • Additional tooltip entries now added.
  • Inclusion of the Transform, AlphaXOR, Alpha Out, and Alpha In compositors.

Two new translations have been added with the Traditional Chinese and Ukrainian languages now being available. Updates have also been made to the Czech, Russian, Polish, and German translations.

Inkscape 0.92.4

A new version of Inkscape has arrived with the release of 0.92.4. Although only a micro point release, a large number of changes are included. Some of the more eye-catching ones are:

  • Ability to write image data to and read image data from the standard output.
  • Align multiple objects as a group relative to a single object.
  • Improved support for printing and fix to paper sizing issues.
  • Performance improvements with the measuring tool and grids are visible.

Improvements have also been made to the Icelandic, Hungarian, Brazilian Portuguese, Romanian, and Spanish translations alongside other documentation revisions.

Also of note is the release of an alpha version for 1.0. The future release intends to migrate the application to GTK+ 3.