Roundup (2019-01-28 – 2019-09-03)

SystemRescueCd has made a new major version release with the arrival of 6.0.0. The major changes with this release are the dropping of the 32-bit edition, and the base system switching from Gentoo to Arch Linux.

With the release of Kodi 18.0 this week, LibreELEC 9.0 has also arrived. The multimedia distribution features a number of security-related changes such as improvements to firewall rules to prevent accidental leakage of shares over VPN.

Lutris, the game manager for Linux-based systems has made it to version 0.5.0. The application makes one-click installation of various games easy and supports a wide range of emulators.

AwesomeWM has seen version 0.4.3 released to the public, with a number of fixes and behavioural improvements. Change include a separator widget being included, a new GTK colour palette based theme, and better DPI handling.

The 60.5.2 release of Mozilla Thunderbird is now available for download. This version fixes three small issues including a problem with S/MIME certificate verification when receiving email from Outlook.