Qt Design Studio 1.1

Qt Design Studio has reached version 1.1. The application provides design and development tools which allow for rapid development of user interfaces.

The release comes after 1.0 was made available last year, and adds a number of key features such as fixes for irritating error messages, add custom colours to timeline bar items, and added support for enums in metainfo files.

Also updated with this release is the documentation which now covers more widgets.

digiKam 6.0.0

Well known photo and video management software digiKam has reached a new major version with the release of 6.0.0. With the new release, the Qt-based software has some additional features including:

  • Full support for managing video files (as with photo files).
  • Support for decoding raw files from new cameras.
  • Ability to manually reorganise the icon view contents.
  • Import and export integration with LightTable, Image and Showfoto.
  • Export functionality to Pinterest, OneDrive and Box.

A number of other features to note are the updates to the Exiv2 library, and the reintroduction of the Time-Adjust tool which allow quick-patching of time stamps.

Skrooge 2.18.0

Qt-based financial management software Skrooge has reached version 2.18.0. The software is based on KDE frameworks which suites users of the desktop environment. Other key features include multi-currency support, ability to import from other software and spreadsheets, and production of charts and graphs.

This release fixes a small number of bugs and improves the usability while also adding features such as the ability to skip scheduled operations and customising the number of years in relation to forecasts.

Nanonote 1.0.1

The first release of Nanonote has recently been made available, and 1.0.1 comes soon after. The application is a Qt-based program which focuses on short-lived notes and automatically saves anything typed. A number of shortcuts for indentation are included as well as the ability to customise the font face and font size used.

Kdenlive 18.12.1

Kdenlive 18.12.1 has made it to release, being the first dot release of the 18.12 series and incorporates a number of fixes and improvements to usability. Some of the key changes include:

  • Resolved issue to capture audio when recording from screen or webcam.
  • Fixed colour theming on AppImage.
  • Keyframe imports now fixed.
  • Removal of QtScript as this is no longer used.
  • Corrected empty warning dialog when font is missing in project.