7-zip 19.00

Popular compression software 7-zip has seen the release of version 19.00. The release includes two security fixes; the first which strengthens the encryption of archives using the 7zip format, and the second improves the random number generator. A number of other bug fixes are included since the previous 18.06 release.

Qubes OS 4.0.1

The first point release of Qubes OS 4 has now been released with 4.0.1 being made available for download. The release comes with various improvements for the graphical tools, templates for Fedora 29, Debian 9, and Whonix 14 (Gateway and Workstation), and Linux kernel version 4.14.

For existing users of Qubes OS 4, this release is a roll-up of fixes and enhancements since the version 4 release in March 2018. If you have been updating since then, you will have all the 4.0.1 fixes already installed.

Septor 2019

Septor, a new security-focused Linux distribution from Serbia has been released to the public. Building on top of Debian “Testing”, it ships with KDE Plasma as the desktop environment and features the usual standard applications such as LibreOffice, HexChat, Thunderbird, GIMP, and VLC. It also provides the latest Tor browser, file-sharing application OnionShare, and chat client Ricochet. The distribution features the ability to be run from live media or can be installed to machines, though only a 64-bit release is available.