Roundup (2019-01-01 – 2019-01-06)

tar 1.31 has been released, with a new compression method (zstd) being enabled. The release also fixes a security issue reported in 2018.

sjfonts (also known as Some Juicy Fonts) has been updated for the first time in eleven years, with the 2.1 release. The font pack includes two typefaces – Delphine and SteveHand – and are handwritten style fonts.

Book management software Calibre has seen a new release with 3.37 being made available. A number of bug fixes and minor improvements have been made including a resolution to an issue logging in to Google Books.

GNU ed 1.15 is now available and resolves a few minor bugs to both the code and the manual.

youtube-dl 2019.01.02 has been made available with a few fixes for various sites. The release comes just two days after a previous release which fixed a number of YouTube download issues.

A new non-linear video editor has been released. Olive is made available under the GPL v3 license and is cross-platform to Linux, Mac OS X and Windows.